Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Feb. 12th to Feb. 18th

Hello Heroes and Travelers, here we are at the end of another week here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Sorry this post is so late, but I’m still at Katsucon, an annual anime convention here in the DMV area… I’ve been having so much fun going to panels and snapping photos of cosplayers!!


Well, today is the last day of the con and while I may have spent more money than I originally intended, I had a blast!! I met some cool people, saw some amazing cosplays, and sat in on some great panels! Oh, yeah side note… I created an Instagram account, I’m a complete noob when it comes to social media sites, so I have no idea what to do with it really. I’ve been posting con pics on it all weekend, so if you’re curious definitely follow me, I’m poke_ninja90!

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Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016-Day 3

So Day 3 of Katsucon was the day that the Hotel caught fire!

calcifer fire

It wasn’t a big fire, I hear it was a small kitchen fire or something, but nonetheless, everyone had to evacuate the building until the fire department checked the building. Continue reading “Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016-Day 3”