Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Feb.7th to Feb.13th 2016

So this has been a busy week what with school work and Katsucon, but I managed to get through it alright.

wolf children exhausted

I just finished part 2 of a really big data coding project…I would have been done on Thursday, but I accidentally wrote down the wrong rows of numbers for two tables…so I had to go back and re-run all three datasets twice (once for boys and once for girls). But now that it’s finally over with I can finally relax and enjoy my games and recent manga conquests!


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Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016-Day 3

So Day 3 of Katsucon was the day that the Hotel caught fire!

calcifer fire

It wasn’t a big fire, I hear it was a small kitchen fire or something, but nonetheless, everyone had to evacuate the building until the fire department checked the building. Continue reading “Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016-Day 3”

Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016-Day 2

Day 2 was spent in the Dealer’s Room…

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Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016- Day 1

So this weekend is Katsucon! What is Katsucon, you ask? Well Katsucon is an annual fan run anime convention held in National Harbor, MD….and it’s super fun! This is the third year I’ve been to it and I am super excited!


The line for badges was super fast this year, thank God! Last year I was in line for over 2 hours!


The badge made everything worth it in the end!