[News] Voltage Inc Will Shut Down AmeMix Apps in June!


It’s been a few weeks since Voltage launched their new portal app Lovestruck, the hub of their English language Amemix titles. And, despite the initial fan backlash, it seems like Lovestruck is here to stay. Voltage is also planning on moving forward with their plan to phase out the individual Amemix Apps (Astoria Fates Kiss, Gangsters in Love, and Castaway: Love’s Adventure) in favor of the new app as stated in a special announcement from the developers on April 17th.

Thankfully, Voltage was kind enough to give us a heads up this time around so that players could properly adjust to the transition. You can read the official announcement from Voltage from the Official Lovestruck Tumblr account or any of Voltage Inc’s social media portals, however I will still outline the changes below:

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[News] Info about Voltage USA’s new Lovestruck App & My Thoughts…

It seems Voltage Inc has made another questionable decision concerning their line of mobile otome games and let’s just say the fandom (myself included) is not pleased… It’s a shame because this news has almost completely overshadowed the release of their newest Voltage USA app Love & Legend

Yesterday (March 1st) Voltage Inc announced that they would be moving their AmeMix line of mobile games to a new combined portal app, called Lovestruck! All current and future AmeMix titles and stories will be released through the new app, and after a few month (Voltage has yet to make an official announcement) all of their individual AmeMix titles will be removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. This only effects Voltage USA’s AmeMix titles (Astoria Fates Kiss, Gangster in Love, and Castaway: Love’s Adventure) and NOT their Japanese based Visual Novel titles!

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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- May 1st to May 7th

So now that I’m done with school the real work begins…yep… JOB HUNTING… The single most soul crushing experience I’ve ever had to subject myself to. No really, if you do it right it’ll have you feeling like you’ve completely wasted your entire life on meaningless things… All the jobs I’ve applied for thus far either require experience that can only be obtained by working said job or it’s a job specifically for recent grads but they require 20 years of experience. Mind you I’m 25, so in order for that to happen, I’d have had to have started working when I was 5, maybe 4 1/2, if you’re a real go-getter… Ugh just give me the job already…

servant x service

In other, slightly less depressing news, my graduation is on May 12th! Yay! My family is coming into town for the event and a few friends will swing by to watch me strut across the stage too! So just a few days and a few steps stand between me and my diploma! I can’t wait do be done with school…at least for a little while anyway. 🙂

I also saw Captain America Civil War on Thursday, it was awesome! I finally feel like we got a perfect depiction of Spider-Man! See, proof that not every superhero needs his/her own stand alone movie, look at Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk…he was a SMASH! (I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do that again…)

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