BL Game Reviews: Master List

This is the place for all my fujoshi gamers out there! This is where I will post all of my Boys Love/Yaoi/BxB game reviews. Some of the content in these reviews will be NSFW, but rest assured I will warn you well before you catch a glimpse of any man on man action!



A hand in the darkness

A Hand in the Darkness


Bacchikoi (NSFW)

Bacchikoi Expansion Pack (NSFW)

blind men

Blind Men 


dmmd banner.png

DRAMAtical Murder


My Magical Demon Lover

no thank you.png

No, Thank You!!!

  • Ryu Kurosawa (coming soon)
  • Hiroyuki Akiyama (coming soon)
  • Maki (coming soon)
  • Kouichi Inui (coming soon)

sleepover title (2).jpg

Sleepover (NSFW)



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