[Announcement] I am Currently in KuroTsuki Hell!

So, if you haven’t noticed, there really hasn’t been that much action this week on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero and there are two reasons for that:

  1. Period Cube was released last week and I am working my way through the game.
  2. I thought it was a good idea to read fanfics on AO3…

2017-03-08 (5).png

I seriously considered keeping up with my usual blogging schedule, but the pull of my fave Haikyuu ship was a bit too strong, so I wound up not writing anything. But, don’t despair, I’ll kick myself into gear starting on Sunday… I just needed a bit of a break.

I’m working on something special for the month of May and I’ll announce it during this week’s Last Week Today post. But, if you guys need me, you can just shoot me a message on any of my social media accounts, I’m usually pretty quick to respond.

So, yeah, I don’t plan on posting anything until Sunday… everything I had planned for this week is now scheduled for next week. I will now retreat back to the warm embrace of Haikyuu fanfics…



13 thoughts on “[Announcement] I am Currently in KuroTsuki Hell!

      1. LOL I looked up Fukumenkai Noise the other day and it looks cool, but I am terrible at committing to anime XD I’ll def check out the Grimoire review tho!!


    1. LOL yes girl yes! A03 is a permanent bookmark on my laptop! Yeah, AO3 is a lot more lax and of course full of all the smutty goodness XD Do you have an account? I know you mentioned you wrote fics, I’d love to read some of it!

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      1. I do! Let me find the link…


        That should work hehe. What’s yours? I mostly write FFVII fanfiction pairing Aeris and Sephiroth because that’s my favorite ship ♥♥♥ But I’m branching out with what I read now. Pretty much if it’s well written, I’ll read it! I still use Fanfiction.net, but I like how “cozy” AO3 is and even though they don’t have messaging there’s still this great sense of community.


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